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Buddy on film

Altona Beach, Canon AE-1P

I thought it was about time I finished my roll of film and developed it, this was the only photo that wasn’t my dog. Haha. Film is fun!

My first pumpkin carving experience, Prior to Halloween 2013.

End of a beautiful day | Altona Beach, Australia

Stalker shot | Taiwan

Hakone | Hakone, Japan

Hour bus rides through beautiful country Japan, definitely worth the visit.
Don’t forget to look out for Mt. Fuji!

Fushimi Inari Shrine 伏見稲荷大社 | Kyoto, Japan

It was an hour plus uphill battle through red gates and a huge load of stairs. The most red gates and stairs you will ever see.

On the way up we hear a passerby say: IT’S SO NOT FRKN WORTH IT, ALL THAT WAY FOR A FRKN BELL?!
And we laughed. Later did we know.

P.S. Ignore the ugly construction ):

Bird’s eye view | Somewhere over the ocean

Window seats, one of life’s little treasures. (Except when you have to toilet and the people blocking you are asleep D:)

Udo-Island  우도 | Off Jeju-do 제주도

Todaiji Temple 東大寺 | Nara, Japan


Kifukuji Temple | Nara

Where the deers play and people pray…hehehehe

Kiyomizu-dera at sunset 清水寺 | Kyoto

This place is about the journey and the final destination. Definitely worth the climb (:

Abyss | Lake Ashinoko, Hakone

whatever floats your boat hehe…hehehe.

Lake Ashinoko | Hakone

Oh my, that’s what you call a dirty lens :/

Hakone Ropeway | Hakone, Japan